Murphy, Sam & Jodi

Murphy, Sam & Jodi

Murphy Sam and Jodi is a fun way to start the day. Murphy and Jodi are married, Sam is the guy that stirs things up. It's real life, it's fun,...Full Bio

The Weekend Replay PODCAST: Wasp nests / Sam gets one-on-one time with his girl / Who's in their underwear in the front yard?

After The Show PODCAST: Salami roses cheese board dreams.

Jodi's practicing for the charcuterie board party this weekend and everything's coming up roses.

Best baby names of 2024 / Grateful Friday / Star Wars Oreos

Best baby names of 2024!!!

Grateful Friday - share the little and big things you're grateful for right now.

Star Wars Oreos are here and the Food Dude tells us all about them.  

After The Show PODCAST: Is a taco a sandwich?

It's not just whether hot dogs are sandwiches or not. Now tacos are in this conversation.

What to do to feel better when you overeat / Why Tom Brady regrets his roast / Why women are always colder

What to do to feel better when you overeat.

Why Tom Brady regrets his recent roast.

And why women are always colder at work than men.

After The Show PODCAST: AI, okay?!

Google's new AI is here to stay and change our lives. Are you ready for it?

Keep The Wow for grads / Is Capri Sun getting rid of the pouches? / What took 3 hours at the nail salon?

Keep the Wow - it's for high school and college graduates.

From the Food Dude: is Capri Sun getting rid of the pouches??

What took 3 hours and 3 nail techs at the nail salon?? Would you sit that long for nails?

After The Show PODCAST: Your Parent's Bathroom.

The mystic of your parent's bathroom and why it's okay if you weren't allowed in.

Babies in public / Who's stepping into their front yard in only underwear?? / The new Wendy's frosty

Why you feel so strongly about babies in public.

Who's stepping out into their front yard in only underwear???

The Food Dude has the new Wendy's Frosty for you.  

After The Show PODCAST: Handmade for Mom, for the win!

Jodi's girls got "kindergarten creative" for Mother's Day and it was a hit!