Try This To Keep From Throwing Away Fresh Food

There’s one thing I just kick myself over when I’m cleaning in the kitchen: throwing out food that’s past it’s expiration date and gone bad. Why do I keep letting it happen?

I’ve decided to finally to do some research because maybe, just maybe, there’s better ways of storing the food I buy. The problem may be ME!

For instance I always buy fresh fruits and veggies but usually end up tossing them out. Guess I’m not fast enough at eating them? Most likely no – I’m storing them wrong!

Did you know you’re not supposed to store tomatoes or watermelon in the fridge? I didn’t, but I do now.

Never store your onions with your potatoes in the same area because the onions will make the potatoes turn much quicker.

Carrots can last for months if stored correctly. I never knew!

There’s a bunch of other things that fed my mind too – check them out ON THIS LINK

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Theresa Lucas

Theresa Lucas

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