Kate Middleton Is 'More Like The Queen' Than Princess Diana, Expert Says

Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit The East Midlands

Photo: Getty Images

Kate Middleton is often compared to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, however, one royal expert believes there's another member of the Royal Family the Duchess of Cambridge takes after—Queen Elizabeth. According to Kinsey Schofield, royal commentator and owner of To Di For Daily, Kate's personality is far more similar to Her Majesty's own than Prince William's mother's.

"Kate is low maintenance, comes from a strong loving family, and plays by the rules," Schofield explained to The Mirror. "She is graceful and delicate and doesn't have a mean or vengeful bone in her body. She also doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve. I sometimes see Diana when watching Kate engage with children, but I think Kate is carving out her own path."

It makes sense that Kate would try to follow in the Queen's footsteps, as she's set to become Queen Consort one day. "She is taking on a more prominent role within the Royal Family without sacrificing any time with her babies, which is a joy to see," Schofield continued. "She is intelligent and kind and a great support system for Prince William. The Duchess will make the most exquisite and exciting consort one day."

Schofield also believes The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the strongest asset the Royal Family has right now. "This is a beautiful young family that the country and the Commonwealth can get behind," she said. "They will be invested in their success and love them as their own."

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